Display repair

Displays and monitors also for the industry

Displays meet us in the most diverse areas of everyday life, wherever information is made available to the human eye. They are indispensable for working with technical devices, so a safe function is of immense importance. In this case, there are frequent errors of individual pixel errors due to sporadic failures and the like, up to the total failure.

We help you to repair your device.

Pixel error repair, colord display, monocrom, tachore repair

You have a problem with your autodisplay, multifunctional display, combi-instrument, navigation display or additional display in the tachometer, it is dark, dead, temporarily loses individual pixels (pixel errors) or the like.

We will repair your defective display.

We are specialists with fully equipped workshop. Please send us the defective display with an exact error description.

We are a manufacturer-independent workshop and used electronic components from cars, trucks, buses or other vehicles.

A previous telephone conversation is desired.